Benefits of Hip Resurfacing

hip resurfacingPain in the hip is some of the most common forms of arthritis that people experience. Unfortunately, we use our hips for a lot of things. This means that when our hips are out of service, so are we. This can lead to a lower overall quality of life and health implications from being inactive. This is why it is important to let your doctor know when you are starting to experience symptoms of hip arthritis. Hip arthritis is common and can be treated in multiple ways. A common solution that many people choose to do is hip resurfacing. If you are unfamiliar with what hip resurfacing is, there is no need to worry. We are going to talk about what hip resurfacing is and what it can do for you in today’s blog.

What Is Hip Resurfacing? 

Hip resurfacing is a surgical procedure that looks to heal the hip joint by removing the damaged portion from the socket, replacing it with a metal shell, and resurfacing the ball of the joint with a metal surface. This is an effective alternative to total hip replacement surgery. The reason that people may prefer this method over total hip replacement is that resurfacing saves more of your bone and there is a lower risk for dislocation. Hip resurfacing gives you life-changing results in a less-invasive way than total hip replacement. It is important to talk with your doctor when deciding which option is the correct route for you.

Hip Resurfacing is here to Help 

Hip pain is no joke. If you are experiencing severe pain or stiffness in your hip, it is best to seek an expert’s opinion immediately to make sure that you don’t need any further treatment. If it turns out that you need surgery to help with your hip pain, Dr. Alexander McLawhorn is a joint specialist in New York, NY that can make sure that your hip is taken care of. Dr. McLawhorn performs over 600 joint surgeries a year. He is highly capable and can make sure that your surgery goes smoothly. Contact us today at 212-606-1065 or visit us online at to schedule your consultation.

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