Alexander S. McLawhorn, MD, MBA review summary

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Time taken to answer questions. Whole experience has been positive

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5on Healthgrades,May 11, 2023


Dr McLawhorn is an incredible surgeon! I had a THR done with the anterior approach and just one week after surgery I knew the pain I had prior to surgery was gone! I followed his very specific post op instructions very carefully. The whole process was very smooth and well thought out! I can not thank Dr McLawhorn, his incredible PA’s, Molly, Alissa, and Ryan (First Surgical Assist) for their timeliness and compassion to all of my questions post op and incredible care! I still can not believe I actually had a hip replacement, I am in disbelief that my pain is gone and won’t return!!! It feels so good to get my life back pain free! I am forever thankful and grateful!!! Thank you so much Dr McLawhorn, I recommend you to everyone I know!!

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I had a THR, the anterior approach with robotic assistance by Dr McLawhorn on 12/30/2022. I can not put into words how grateful and thankful I am for Dr McLawhorn, HSS and his PA’s Molly, Alissa, and First Surgical Assist Ryan. I had end stage arthritis and although I continued on as much as normal I was suffering severe pain daily for at least a year and a half prior to surgery. I did extensive research in choosing the right doctor for me. I am considered a young candidate for a THR, so that combined with finding a doctor that is experienced with the anterior approach and one who specializes in THR was important to me. I am so lucky that I found Dr McLawhorn! He is amazing, attention to detail, compassionate, professional and an expert! After one week post op I knew my pain that I experienced prior to surgery was gone! I followed his very specific instructions carefully. I am now 5 months post-op and can’t believe I had a hip replacement! I am beyond happy that I am no longer in pain and feel so strong! I am truly forever thankful and grateful for Dr McLawhorn, he’s the Best and I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone that may need him!!! Thank you is just not enough! I’m so happy to have my life back pain free!!!

5on Healthgrades,May 03, 2023


Timely, professional, informative post operative review with Dr. McLawhorn. Everything was done with highest quality and precision and meaningful redundancy such that errors and misunderstandings are almost entirely excluded. Most of my questions were anticipated and I was given pre-printed set of instructions and recommendations which are easy to understand and follow even for a feeble-minded person like myself. My assessment of Dr. McLawhorn is as follows. He is consummate professional and perfectionist and he works with the team that has similar mindset.

5on Google,Apr 23, 2023


My highest recommendation goes to Dr. McLawhorn and his entire team. Every step of this procedure, from weeks before to months afterward, was precise, clear and straightforward. A NYC doctor told me about HSS: “Don’t go anywhere else.” He was right.

5on Healthgrades,Apr 17, 2023


Dr. McLawhorn just completed a hip replacement for me and I had had one five years before on my other hip. Dr. McLawhorn was accessible, informative, kind, attentive, professional and the surgery he performed was amazing. He took the time to explain everything, and due to my medical history, made special accommodations to perform the surgery earlier than anticipated. He was with me prior to surgery to explain everything, post surgery in the recovery room, and the next morning to see how I was doing. I had pain management, more mobility, immediate movement without hindrances and my recovery was many times faster. Dr. McLawhorn is an incredibly gifted surgeon and an equally kind and receptive doctor. I would give him higher than five stars if I could. I have raved about him to everyone. He has made my pain disappear and given me my life back. I am forever grateful and I am so incredibly happy to have chosen him to heal my physical issues. He is a truly great and gifted surgeon.

5on Healthgrades,Apr 17, 2023


The doctor was very punctual and he answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied that I chose Dr. McLawhorn as my doctor, the surgery went extremely well and I highly recommend him!

5on Google,Apr 15, 2023


I needed both hips replaced and my experience with Dr. Maclawhorn was outstanding. It could not have been any better. Dr Maclawhorn and his staff were amazing.

5on Google,Apr 14, 2023


I couldn't say thank you enough. From the time I left the hospital until a year later now I have been pain free and the mobility and strength are both back to normal.

5on Healthgrades,Apr 14, 2023


Dr. MacLawhorn gave me my quality of life back. After years of suffering excruciating hip- groin pain, I went to see Dr. MacLawhorn for a consultation and trusted him to perform a hip replacement. The surgery went well and my recovery was easy. I am eternally grateful to Dr. MacLawhorn for giving me my quality of life back, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

5on Healthgrades,Apr 14, 2023


Dr. McLawhorn did a total replacement of both my knees and I am back playing squash. Before I had the surgeries, I could barely walk.

5on Google,Apr 13, 2023


Top notch in all ways. I am so glad I chose HSS and Dr. McLawhorn for my surgery!

5on Google,Mar 20, 2023


Flawless! Dr. MacLawhorn is meticulous. I had my hip replaced seven months ago. I followed his instructions to the letter. Today I am walking 25 to 30 miles a week, pain-free, and feeling like a teenager. (I am comfortably into my sixth decade!) Elyssa, his PA is outstanding! And his office staff is so far above and beyond any I have encountered anywhere. It’s an amazing delight to interface with them.

5on Healthgrades,Mar 16, 2023


My problem manifested from hip dysplasia at birth. I have had one total hip replacement almost six years ago on my right hip and I will have another in the next week on the left hip. I am I in the best care with Dr. McLawhorn.

5on Healthgrades,Feb 05, 2023


Did extensive research on hip replacement and prepared comprehensive multi-page list of questions. Dr.McLawhorn was recommended by a friend. My husband and I met with the doctor who responded to each and every one of our questions. When we left his office we were confident that we had found the right doctor. The operation and postoperative care by the doctor and his entire staff could not have been better. Dr.McLawhorn has given me my life back. Highly recommend without reservation.

5on Healthgrades,Feb 02, 2023


Excellent from start to finish! I am so glad I decided to do my research and chose Dr. McLawhorn. My first ever surgery (Hip Replacement Anterior) and I was nervous about it. Dr McLawhorn and his entire team at HSS and Stamford Hospital made it very comfortable and smooth. I cant thank all of them enough. I would highly recommend. Only wish I did it sooner!

5on Healthgrades,Feb 01, 2023


I cannot say enough fantastic words about Dr. Mc Longhorn. After going to three different doctors for opinions about my hip I met with him. He was confident he was polite. He was thorough. He was amazing. He replaced my hip and it has been absolutely incredible. I would recommend him to anyone in the world. Absolutely one-of-a-kind incredible staff there are not enough words to say how happy I am. Eric

5on Healthgrades,Jan 31, 2023


Dr. McLawhorn replaced both of my hips in one year (first at HSS New York, second in Stamford) Both were great experiences and I am back to doing yoga and splits again!! He explained everything with calm and care. Fantastic experience!

5on Google,Jan 30, 2023


Dr.McLawhorn, is the best!! Couldn't walk and now after operation I'm back to walking and without out pain.

5on Healthgrades,Jan 30, 2023


Dr. McLawhorn and the team at HSS are top notch. Thank you!

5on Healthgrades,Jan 29, 2023


Total knee replacement is challenging, but Dr. McLawhorn and his staff made me feel supported, informed and confident in the care they gave. At 7 weeks post op I am feeling stronger and am beginning to do short hikes in the woods. Would highly recommend Dr. McLawhorn and HSS.

5on Google,Jan 29, 2023


Dr. McLawhorn and his associates are simply the best there is. Everything went off like clockwork, I had breakfast and dinner at home on the day of my hip replacement, and I needed almost no pain medication at home. Immediately after surgery, I had less discomfort in my hip, I walked better, and friends told me I looked ten years younger. If I ever need the other hip replaced, I will be back to see him for sure!

5on Google,Jan 19, 2023


did my knee replacement several years ago and never had a problem since. couldn't be a better Dr.

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Dr Alexander McLawhorn performed hip replacement surgery on 11/4/22 on my left hip. 5 weeks later I was able to walk 4 mile walk already at once with out no cane or support . Dr and his team were very informative and professional and I never felt nervous or uncomfortable before or post surgery. I could have not asked more from Dr McLawhorn, his team and HSS . If you do have the same issue this would be my no.1 recommendation!

5on Healthgrades,Dec 20, 2022


Had my hip replaced a year ago. Everything went great. Saw Dr McLawhorn in his Stamford Ct office. Had the surgery at Stamford Hospital. Easy in and out. No traffic, no parking headaches, perfectly professional. The process from my first appointment to my one year check went well and smoothly. I would recommend him to anyone needing a joint replacement. Only issuer id he's is so busy, you may have to wait a while to get an appointment

5on Google,Dec 19, 2022


This was my second hip replacement with Dr McLawhorn and he is brilliant! Surgery was smooth, recovery is fine, no pain from the minute I awoke from surgery. HSS Stamford is fantastic and all parts of this experience have been the best I could expect. Thank you HSS!

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