Common Misconceptions About Hip Replacement

Hip replacementChange is an inevitable part of aging, not only is our life rife with evidence of change from moving, getting a new job, and to learning new abilities, but there are also physical changes as well. From gray hairs to aching joints. Some of those physical changes happen due to the passage of time, whereas other changes occur as we accumulate mileage on our bodies and could be due to injury. Hip replacement is a type of medical procedure that serves to address these changes, either through age or through injury.

With nearly half a million hip replacement operations and procedures performed each year, you’ve probably heard about hip replacements, but what do you know about them? Dr. Alexander McLawhorn and his team are here to get you hip about hip replacements by covering some common misconceptions about them. If you’ve been thinking about getting a hip replacement or just want to know more about them, then keep reading!

Hip Replacements Are Meant Only For People A Certain Age

Though associated with people over the age of 50, hip replacements can be utilized for anyone. Anyone with hip pain that is persistent or that is severe enough can be a candidate to receive hip replacement surgery. This myth may stem from the fact that the majority of people who receive hip replacements are older, but it could also be due to a historical industry hesitation. In the past, hip replacement prosthetics would last two decades and so, doctors would be cautious when administering the procedure to people who were young, hoping to avoid a second hip replacement. However, now this is not the case due to advancements in hip prosthetic technology.

You Just Have To Deal With Hip Pain

This is untrue. There are very few chronic pains that must be dealt with and, chances are, your hip pain isn’t one of them. If other methods of managing hip pain have resulted in less than satisfactory outcomes, consider coming in for a consultation with Dr. McLawhorn and his team to understand your options and how hip replacement surgery may be able to completely alleviate hip pain.

Ready To Learn More About Hip Replacement Surgery? 

Then come visit Dr. Alexander McLawhorn, a joint reconstruction specialist in New York, New York that can help regain your mobility and life back. Dr. Mclawhorn is an extremely experienced specialist performing over 600 joint replacement surgeries every year. Contact us at 203-705-2113 or visit us online at to schedule your consultation. We look forward to offering you our care and experience.

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