Why Do I Have Tight Hips?

Hip replacement Do your hips feel… off? Tight and achy? Is there a dull and diffuse pain that radiates from the front to the back? Or a dull and diffuse pain that radiates from the back to the front? Is there a sharp pain? Do you find that your hips get tighter and more stiff as you engage in activity? Is it affecting your sleep? Hip pain and hip tightness can range from being cumbersome and annoying to downright disruptive to your daily life. If you’re wondering why you may have tight hips, Dr. Alexander McLawhorn and his team have compiled a few reasons why that could be happening, so keep reading.

Hip Tightness Related To Tight Hip Flexors 

Hip flexors are a group of muscles that have a wide variety of uses. They can help you bend, walk, run, kick, etc. Anything to do with flexion at the hip, such as lifting your thigh to your stomach, hip flexors are in charge of. When hip flexors get tight, they can disrupt the typical mobility of the surrounding areas, resulting in a variety of sensations ranging from discomfort to pain. There are a few common causes of tight hip flexors.

A Sedentary Lifestyle

Being stuck in a single position for an extended period of time can cause mild flexion on the hip flexors that forces them to remain ‘stuck’. This can be seen through any lifestyle that heavily relies on being sedentary such as working a desk job. A way to address this is to change positions often or to get up and go for a walk. Encouraging the muscles, especially the hip flexors, to move helps them remain pliable.

Hip Tightness Related To Arthritis

Sometimes, the pain or discomfort you’ve been feeling isn’t due to the hip flexors at all, but due to the ball and socket joint of the hip. Though typically this feeling is distinct from the aforementioned tight hip flexors, sometimes the feeling may be similar.

If you’re wondering why your hip has been hurting, it’s best to get it checked out as there could be a variety of reasons. Then come visit Dr. Alexander McLawhorn, a joint reconstruction specialist in New York, New York that can help regain your mobility and life back. Dr. Mclawhorn is an extremely experienced specialist performing over 600 joint replacement surgeries every year. Contact us at 203-705-2113 or visit us online at drmclawhorn.com to schedule your consultation. We look forward to offering you our care and experience.

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