What Causes Hip Arthritis?

Hip arthritis treatment Hip arthritis is common in elderly adults, as this can occur from the deterioration of cartilage and tendons in the hip. There are many factors associated with the deterioration of cartilage which leads to arthritis, with sometimes old age and wear and tear being one of the main causes.

Fortunately, there are hip arthritis treatments that can help reduce or eliminate the pain completely.

What Is Hip Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also known as arthritis of the bone, can come in many forms. One of these forms being in the hip can happen when the cartilage covering the ball-and-socket joint in the hip wears out over time, leaving the surfaces of this joint exposed and grinding against each other. This exposed surface can lead to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility.

Signs & Symptoms

Some signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis in the hip include pain and discomfort. Other symptoms include:

  • Lack of mobility in the hip
  • Weakness of muscles surrounding the hip
  • Audible cracking and crunching noises when the hip is moved

Another sign to look out for is when you experience stiffness in the hip, which can make it difficult to move or rotate the hip. This is one of the main symptoms as this can make day-to-day activities difficult to do. Some of these activities can include walking, putting shoes on, or even getting dressed.

Causes of Hip Arthritis

There are many causes of hip arthritis.

Some of the most common reasons for developing hip arthritis include aging, gaining and living with excess weight, and injury or trauma, such as a slip and fall or blunt force injury.

One of the most common reasons an individual can develop hip arthritis can happen when the joint is overused. Exercise, work, and sports can cause an individual to overwork the hip joint, which can put stress on the cartilage and lead to wear down over time.

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