Early Signs of Hip Arthritis

Arthritis can be painful no matter what part of your body is affected. However, hip arthritis is not only painful but affects your mobility and can cause you to fall. Hip arthritis is when the bone around the joint no longer has smooth contours, or it grows combined with worn protective cartilage. Here is what you should know.

Risk Factors for Hip Arthritis

Doctors do not know exactly what causes hip arthritis but have learned that when you have certain risk factors, you are more likely to suffer from this condition. The risk factors include:

  • You are female
  • You are older
  • You are obese
  • You have a history of hip arthritis in your family
  • The ball-and-socket joint of your hip has been altered
  • You play sports or work in an occupation that places a high amount of stress on your hips

Diagnosing Hip Arthritis

After taking your history and doing a physical exam, your doctor may take X-rays or an MRI of your hips. In some cases, your doctor may order joint fluid analysis or blood tests to determine whether your hip pain is caused by inflammation from an infection.

Early Symptoms of Hip Arthritis

You may exhibit one or more symptoms if you have hip arthritis. If you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor so he can help with treatment to reduce the pain and hopefully slow the progress of arthritis. Early symptoms include:

  • Pain while moving your hip
  • Pain after using your hip
  • Your hips feel stiff, especially when you first wake up or after you are inactive for an extended period of time
  • You feel your hip grating when you walk, climb stairs, or stand
  • You don’t have the full range of motion in your hip

Possible Hip Arthritis Treatments

There are several treatments for hip arthritis, including nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Nonsurgical treatments may include activity and lifestyle modifications, physical therapy, medications, injections, and heating pads. You could also opt for hip replacement surgery or hip fusion.

Where to Find Treatment for Hip Arthritis in Stamford, CT, and New York, NY

Alexander S. McLawhorn, MD, serves the Stamford, CT, and New York, NY, areas. Dr. McLawhorn performs more than 600 hip replacement surgeries each year, ensuring you will receive only top-quality care at every step, from diagnosis to recovery. Call our closest office to schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms to determine if you are dealing with hip arthritis or another condition. You can call our New York office at 212-606-1065 or our Stamford office at 203-705-2113.

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