Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery for Hip Replacement

Undergoing a joint replacement surgery can be stressful. However, with the advances in technology, the process is now more efficient and effective than ever before. Since the 1980s, surgeons have been using computers and other technology for surgery and other purposes. One of the ways that our office utilizes technology is by performing computer-assisted joint replacement surgery. The type of technology helps Dr. Alexander McLawhorn place the replacement joints exactly where they should be. It also helps determine how much bone to remove for the best hip alignment. Additionally, the computer allows our team to customize your hip replacement to the exact degree for your body.

Does the Computer Perform the Actual Surgery?

The computer does not perform the actual surgery. Instead, it is used to gather information during the surgery to improve accuracy. Making the incision and closing up after surgery are all done by hand. The computer helps with measurements and guides our surgeon when he cuts and reshapes the bone. It also helps when inserting the implant. The computer uses sensors to inform our surgeon about the ligaments and tendons so that he can tighten or loosen them as required for better joint stability and function.

The Advantages of Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Using a computer to help with hip replacement has many advantages, including:

  • The hip joint is positioned more accurately
  • The soft tissue around the hip joint can be adjusted to allow for more stability
  • You are less likely to have the hip go out of alignment
  • You are less likely to have a difference in the length of your limbs
  • Possible reduction of implant wear and tear
  • There is a lower risk of the surgery failing and less risk of revision surgery
  • You have less risk of a dislocation

Dr. McLawhorn has performed studies that show computer-assisted joint replacement surgery improves joint alignment and positioning.

See if Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery Is Right for You

To find out more about computer-assisted joint replacement surgery, speak with Dr. McLawhorn. To schedule a consultation, please call 212-606-1065 for our office in New York, New York, and 203-705-2113 for our office in Stamford, Connecticut.

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